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Medway Gaming Festival 2024 Social Media Designs - Fragers LTD
I recently took on a voluntary role to create 1:1 social media posts for Fragers Ltd., to promote the Medway Gaming Festival 2024. My designs are specifially to promote the Tournament and Developer stages. The designs have been featured on Instagram and Facebook. To see the Instagram posts, click here.
I used Adobe Creative Cloud applications (Photoshop and Illustratror) to create the designs, following Fragers' brands guidelines.
Canterbury Safer Streets Logo Concept - 2022
I created this logo concept for a new organisation with the goal of safety in Canterbury.
The Cathedral represents Canterbury Cathedral, with a bottle as the Cathedral gates to represent the nightlife and night patrons. Using a monochrome logo means any colour theme can be used on a website, posters and other print materials. I chose green because Canterbury is a beautiful city, with a lot of greenery and apple orchards, and because of Kent's rich history, the shield represents protection and safety, whilst also linking to Canterbury’s past with Romans, Celtics, and more.
Journey App Concept - 2020
I created the Journey app to track public transport and use sensors to detect available seating to improve the user experience on public transport. The app would also have a live tracker to avoid delays. 
I used Maya to 3D model the phone, then Photoshop and Illustrator to create the app UI.
Rooted in a Book - 2020
Rooted in a Book was a surrealist piece I created by manipulating my photography in Adobe Photoshop for a university project.
Festival Concepts - 2020​​​​​​​
Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I created concepts for festivals in the UK and used different media. I learned a lot about the software during this, and mixed photography with digital illustration.
During my research, I found inspiration in existing posters. This taught me what is important for the visual hierarchy, and important information to include.
Twitch Emotes - 2021
As an avid gamer, I created some Twitch emotes for fun, with exaggerated emotions. I made sure that the emotes had visual contrast and could be recognised in a small size to match Twitch.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the vector files so that they could be resized as needed.

Audio-Visual Piece - 2022
The concept is that the world has become polluted with plastic waste. Killing sea life in the process. To create the artwork, I used recycled old cardboard, plastic bottles and bubble wrap, and my art was displayed at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2021-22. 
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Art Exhibition Concept - Apples - 2022
Here is an audio-visual piece that I created for my 2nd year of university. The concept is to promote apples grown in Canterbury, and I worked with another student to create the exhibition concept, which would be in a supermarket, with food tasting, sounds and camera tracking to make the event immersive using different sensory functions.
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