Dusty's Workshop
I created this stylised steampunk building using Maya for a university project. To animate the cogs and pipes, and to simulate the cloth and smoke (as seen below), I used Maya's animation tools. 
The concept art that inspired my artwork was: Li Jason's "Robotised Shop"
Detective's Office
This detective's office will be used as part of my final year university product. I used Maya to create the low poly models, and a cel shader to give the models a stylised look.
Made with Maya, Substance 3D Painter and ZBrush. I experimented with fog.
BB-8 Animation
BB-8 animation, camera tracking & look dev.  I created the 3-Point lighting setup, render settings & animation, then composited the AOVs with Adobe After Effects, to match the backplate. 
Software: Maya
Integrated 3D models​​​​​​​
I created the lighting to match the backplate, then modelled and textured my models in Maya to add realistic detail to the scene. My models in the scene: Bench, bike, street cones, bin, bottle, glasses. 
Food Hut
Using reference imaging, I created this food hut in Maya.
Low Poly Woman & Man
I created these models using Blender to learn the software and how to work with a low poly count.
Low Poly Apples
These low poly models were used as inspiration for my 2nd-year university Art Exhibition Concept - Apples. 
Click here to go to my Design Concepts to view the final video.
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